A Suite for Ma Dukes

To round off the Ghost Notes exhibition, the lads at Choice Cuts have decided to screen A Suite for Ma Dukes from the Timeless Series in Block T tonight@ 8pm

If you would like to attend just email info@choicecuts.com to reserve your place and do it quickly as it is limited to approx 100 for this viewing. B+ will be in attendance to answer any questions about the screening. Make sure to title your email with A Suite for Ma Dukes in the subject bar and how many places you would like to reserve. This will be screened on a high quality sound system for maximum enjoyment!


About laserballs

If you’re on the look out for a Saturday night of great music in a deadly venue, then look no further. The newly re-opened Kitchen has got an amazing rave basement and a quality soundsystem. The emphasis is on brilliant music and proper old-fashioned all-night fun, with stellar residents, great guest DJs and sound people. We will be kick-starting our Saturday night residency in the Kitchen on March 19th with Handsome Paddy supplying the beats alongside Steve Manning and Lil Dave.
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